Helping You Find the Right Loan Programs.

The government has passed laws to help you consolidate your student loans. Some borrowers may even qualify for total forgiveness or a deferment of up to 3-years. To find out what programs you qualify for, please call 877-709-0795.

Financial Analysis

Our agents will perform a total loan evaluation and provide a comprehensive one-on-one budgetary consultation.

Document Preparation

We'll do the work for you so you can focus on what's important. No more drowning in a sea of confusing paperwork and processing!

Yearly Recertification

We are with you until the end, including the yearly recertification through the term of your loan. We will keep you on track for loan forgiveness.

Why Financial Preparation Services?


We have great customer service

Our representatives and agents have experience helping clients with their student loan debt. They are dedicated to making the process as easy for you as possible. They will work in your best interest — always.


We use dedicated account providers.

Financial Preparation Services uses a dedicated account provider to more efficiently and effectively safeguard their client’s interests and to fully adopt a 100% performance driven business model. Complete and total satisfaction is the standard our clients can count on.


We have thousands of satisfied clients

Our certified agents have helped thousands of borrowers just like you find relief from their unaffordable student loan payments.


Proudly serving you from the United States.

Throughout your entire time as a valued client with our company, you can feel confident knowing you will always be working with someone that is U.S. based.

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Dawn Robinson


“I was in default when I contacted Financial Preparation Services and they qualified me for a program that paid off all my delinquent student debt and got me one new loan with a much lower payment.”

Anthony Zwichirowski


“I’m someone who doesn’t like to move forward until I know everything. Financial Preparation Services is friendly and knowledgeable and I was able to understand each detail of the program I qualify for before I moved forward.”

Dean Edelman


“I worked with my servicer for nearly a year attempting to lower my payment. Within 30 minutes of speaking with the Financial Preparation Services I was able to get qualified for a program that my servicer couldn’t offer. I am on the path to total loan forgiveness. It was the smartest move I have made since graduating.”

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